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Mission statement

It is the mission of Plant Pathology-ETH

  • To understand the evolutionary processes affecting plant pathogens in their interactions with host plants in order to make more effective use of genetic resistance and other control strategies.
  • To understand the mechanisms governing biological control of plant diseases in order to develop more effective biological control strategies.
  • To develop and implement new technologies for better control of plant diseases in a sustainable way.

Our mission within the scope of agronomy is the economical production of healthy crops with minimal environmental damage while insuring safe food for the consumers.

Our research is focused on delivery of fundamental knowledge in key areas of plant pathology while maintaining an orientation toward problem-solving, innovative research. Our research topics are suitable for BSc and MSc projects of agronomists as well as biologists and ecologists.

We are the only university group in Switzerland teaching the entire discipline of plant pathology with an agronomic emphasis. Our teaching goal is to transmit the knowledge of plant pathology needed to develop novel plant protection strategies in a changing agronomic environment while keeping an international perspective.



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